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25 November 2020


The UK’s newest farm park attraction has refurbished its washrooms to offer an attractive and COVID-secure customer experience.

When Lower Drayton Farm in Staffordshire was planning its farm park attraction, Play@Lower Drayton Farm, getting the washrooms right was an important project.

The farm park, set on a 750-acre working farm, has a wide range of facilities, including a massive indoor soft play area, small animal handling and farm experience and welcomed over 8,000 visitors in its first six weeks.

Owner Richard Bower worked with washroom service provider, Elis, to ensure that the washrooms would be suitable for visitors – with child-friendly, quiet hand dryers and gentle soap that kills bacteria as important requirements.


Hygiene Anxiety in Public Places


According to recent research, confidence, in general, remains low when it comes to cleanliness in public places. In fact, the study revealed that six out of seven of the most important factors in gauging safety were cleaning and hygiene-related, with 62 per cent saying that seeing cleaning in action was important and 58 per cent wanting cleaning and disinfecting procedures communicated clearly.

Therefore the visual perception of cleanliness outside the home remains high on the agenda for the hospitality and leisure industry, and a focus on washroom facilities could help to improve confidence. 


Specifically Suited for the Park


Richard Bower of Play@Lower Drayton Farm commented on the washroom overhaul: “Elis invested a great deal of time to understand our business and the product specification we wanted. The team offered technical advice on the product range to help ensure it generated the customer experience that was important to us. For example, ensuring the hand soap would kill bacteria but be gentle enough for children’s sensitive skin, and supplying quiet Dyson hand dryers, as many young children are scared by loud dryers. It’s very important to protect our visitors, and Elis provided no-touch soap and sanitiser dispensers which automatically dispense when hands are placed underneath.”

The Elis washroom service includes: hand cleansing and sanitising, hand drying, toilet tissue, baby changing, nappy disposal, feminine hygiene, urinal services, air freshening and water management products, including no-touch options and free-standing hand sanitiser stations. Elis also offers some of the latest technology to maximise hygiene, including the Biozone air purification system, proven to kill bacteria and viruses, disinfecting the air and surfaces and eliminating malodours, and Dyson hand dryers, with no-germ HEPA filter and antimicrobial coating.



Picture: soap dispensers around the farm.

Sustainable Development in Mind


The Elis range is developed using environmentally friendly materials and has gained numerous accreditations. Paper consumables are Ecolabel certified, hygiene waste is diverted away from landfill into power generation where possible, and soaps and sanitisers are managed through an easy to use, refill pouch system with the empty pouches sent for recycling. Elis can also help businesses reduce their washroom water usage and has been recognised by the Carbon Trust for reductions in water usage and CO2 emissions.

“We want to run our business in a way which reflects our values, using sustainable products and avoiding landfill, and the Elis washroom service has helped with this,” said Bower. “The team were also flexible with the contract start date and commercial terms to ensure our service was ready when we welcomed guests. We have a regular Elis service agent who delivers replacement products, as agreed, and our team have built a very positive working relationship with her.”

Picture: hand basins with Dyson wash and dry taps.
Article written by Bailey Sparkes | Published 25 November 2020


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