China Is Still Hacking US Companies After Promising It Would Stop, Report Says

Hackers with ties to the Chinese government appear to be targeting US companies despite a recent security deal between the US and China’s government, which promised to stop cyberattacks aimed at stealing economic secrets.

Dmitri Alperovitch, the chief technology officer of Crowdstrike, an American security company, warned on Monday that China hasn’t stopped its online economic espionage just yet.

“The very fact that these attempts occurred highlights the need to remain vigilant despite the newly minted Cyber agreement,” Alperovitch wrote in a blog post, where he explained that the company has detected several attacks with the goal of stealing intellectual property and trade secrets since the announcement of the deal.

Alperovitch told Motherboard that Crowdstrike is “pretty confident” these attacks were carried out by Chinese hackers, but can’t be certain whether “whether these hackers are moonlighting or whether they’re getting orders directly from the government.”

Alperovitch revealed that “the very first” attack happened on “the very next day” after President Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping reached an agreement.



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