China Ramps up Public Cyber Security Awareness

China has officially kicked off its second Cyber Security Week as part of the country’s effort to raise awareness amid growing numbers of Internet users and rising cyber attacks.

Coinciding with the international children’s day, this year’s event aims to cultivate cyber security awareness among teenagers in particular.

Li Xiaoyu, director of the internet and law study center at the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, believes the ability to use the internet safely will be a key foundation for the future development of teenagers.

“Today’s teenagers are born in an internet world, the ability to use the internet will be one important aspect of their abilities. This ability will firstly rely on cyber security. In other words, without survival skills in the cyber space, a teenager will hardly have the chance to be successful. As a result, in cultivating the ability to use the internet, teenagers should be taught how to protect themselves and obey the appropriate rules in cyber space.”

The organizers also urge the public to voluntarily resist groundless rumors and abide by the law on the Internet.

Source: CRI English

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