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A Chinese hacking group linked to the country’s government claimed it was capable of attacking the UK Foreign Office, according to a huge leak of records.

The i-Soon firm offered to target the Foreign Office after allegedly discovering a vulnerability in its IT systems.

Other government departments and organisations, such as the charity Amnesty International and the Chatham House think tank, were also named as potential targets.

It is unclear if either group, both of which have scrutinised the Chinese government, were ever subject to attacks.

A raft of leaked documents related to the i-Soon group were published online late last week.

The records show that dissidents and ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region were also listed as potential targets of hacking and surveillance.

Many of the other targets were located around Asia, including businesses and governments in Taiwan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

The leak reveals staff lists, internal communications and marketing materials. The group is widely reported to work for the Chinese government.

In one chat log, staff at i-Soon said they possessed a “zero day” attack that would exploit a flaw in the Foreign Office’s security defence, although records show that they did not go ahead with the plan.

Among other details disclosed in the leak referenced tools to gain access to iPhone users’ private details, including contacts and photos.


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