Chinese hackers targeting Ghanaian media websites

Chinese hackers are suspected of targeting at least four major media websites in Ghana, making it inaccessible to readers.
The hacking comes after an intense media campaign against illegal Chinese miners who have been accused of introducing advanced technology in gold mining that is compromising the nation’s river bodies.
The hacking is believed to be in the form of denial-of-service (DDoS) which denies users access to the targeted resource.
The media websites that have come under attack are,, and and
Some editors of the affected websites told the Daily Graphic that investigations were ongoing to ascertain the cause of the hacking.
An unnamed editor said: “We are all gathering data. We have made a lot of progress and will officially file a complaint with National Security after our internal investigations.
“There appears to be a sponsored attack on the websites of the media houses. What usually happens is that others go down when hacked websites revive their operations.”
The hackers of Ghanaweb demanded a ransom to stop the attack while the desktop version of was not accessible was not accessible during the attack.
The hacking started around Easter.
Security experts have warned of more of such attacks on government agencies and companies as well as on important private establishments if the nation does not develop and implement a cybersecurity strategy to address cyberwarfare, sabotage and espionage, Daily Graphic reported.
The Bank of Ghana, alarmed by the recent hacks, have warned banks in the country to strengthen their cyber security systems to preempt attacks.
The warning was given by the Second Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Johnson Asiamah.
“The growing threat of cyber attacks has never been more pressing…Recent instances of payment fraud demonstrate the necessity for industry-wide collaboration to fight against threats”, he said.
“At all time, the BoG acknowledges that each bank has its own risk evaluation profile and that each would have to make the required adjustments to its business profile and unique operation characteristics. However, the security of the industry as a whole is a shared responsibility”, he added.


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