Chinese police arrested 1500 SMS Spammers

Starting from February, Chinese police has been cracking down on mobile sms spammers ferociously. Based in North-east Liaoning province, bordering North Korea, the Spammers has been actively sending 200 millions junk sms to millions of mobile user every month. 
According to police, the group has sent over 200 billion junk sms in the first half of 2013. According to Reuters and Xinhua, these groups are professional spammers who get hired by different companies to send promotional sms to people.
 A single spammer charges 1,000 yuan (£100) to spam thousands of users in a radius of a few hundred metres. Xinhua wrote that these spammers operate van and cars and roam about the streets of busy places sending junk sms.
 They use GSM modems, internet short message gateways and “SMS servers” all of these resources are easily available in Black Market. Using these tools, they establish fake base stations which can hijack the networks of telecom companies and can direct their users to receive the sms of “Fake Base Servers.” Creating such a powerful server costs around 45000 Yaun (4400 £).


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