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Choctaw-Nicoma Park School District Announces Safety Protocols After Deadly Shooting | #schoolsaftey

The Choctaw-Nicoma Park School District has released new safety and security protocols for extracurricular events, including the implementation of metal detectors, following a deadly shooting at a home football game in which a 16-year-old boy was killed.

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The protocols were implemented in response to the shooting on Aug. 25 during the third quarter of the matchup between Choctaw High School and Del City High School. 

Dayvion Hamilton, 15, shot and killed 16-year-old Cordea Carter after Carter was in an altercation with another male, according to the affidavit for arrest warrant. Investigators said they took Hamilton into custody on a second-degree murder complaint early Wednesday morning. His arraignment was scheduled for Sept. 13.

Choctaw Police said the shooting happened on the visitor’s side of the stadium. 

Two other people were also shot. The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said a Del City police officer working off-duty security for the Mid-Del School District shot a 42-year-old man in the chest because he perceived a threat. But Carter’s family said the 42-year-old man was trying to help break up the fight. That man remained in the hospital at last check. 

Meanwhile, a 15-year-old girl was shot in the leg, said police. The school district confirmed she is a Choctaw High School student. Police Chief Kelly Marshall said Wednesday that her officers were investigating who shot the girl, who was expected to recover.

While the investigations continue, Choctaw-Nicoma Park Superintendent David Reid recalled acts of heroism during the shooting.

“Once the bullets started coming, there was no longer a color of the jersey that separated people. It was now one group of people trying to help each other,” said Reid. “We heard the story of a football player whose brother – elementary brother was on the sideline – where he takes off his shoulder pads and his helmet, puts it on his brother.”

Reid also announced on Thursday new safety and security protocols for athletic and school events. They will go into effect on Thursday, Sept. 28, during Choctaw High School’s first home game since the shooting.

“We have purchased metal-detecting systems, weapon-detecting systems, walk-through systems to be at each of our gates,” said Reid. “So they’ll be manned. There will also be a police officer at each of those so if they do go off, they have a 360-degree metal-detecting wand.”

Reid said the district purchased five walk-through metal-detecting systems that are mobile, so they can be used at other schools in the district as well. He expects them to arrive next week, with training taking place the following week.

In addition, there will be more restrictions on what people can bring to extracurricular events and who can attend.

“Clear bag policies. Students will have to wear IDs when they enter the game. They’ll have to be a student from either school playing,” Reid said. “All of our middle school and elementary students will have to be accompanied by a parent.”

Marshall said the school district employs five off-duty officers for every home game. Reid said they are looking to possibly add more to get a total of six or seven officers.

The full list of new protocols is below:

  1. No re-entry – Gates will be staffed throughout the duration of the event. 
  2. Middle and high school students from both participating schools need a current school year picture ID and it must be worn at all times to attend the event. If the visiting school does not have student IDs, an administrator(s) for the visiting school must be onsite to approve entry of the visiting students. 
  3. All Middle School, Elementary School students and any other student regardless of age from schools not competing must have a parent/guardian or chaperone present at the event for the duration of the event. 
  4. No loitering – All Elementary and Middle students must be seated with a parent/guardian or chaperone. 
  5. All students should be seated in their designated competing school’s area(s). 
  6. Students must remain on their respective side of the field with the exception of band or AFJROTC when accompanied by an adult or sponsor. 
  7. Clear plastic tote bags are permitted (one per person). 
  8. Non-transparent clutch wallets no larger than 6.5” x 4.5” are permitted (one per person). 
  9. Family care items such as diaper bags are permitted in a clear tote bag. 
  10. Bags necessary for approved medical equipment are permitted. 
  11. No other bags/backpacks are allowed. 
  12. No chair backs over 16” wide. 

Prohibited Items: 

  1. Explosives, firearms or weapons (Oklahoma prohibits possession of a firearm on any public or private school property) 
  2. Alcohol (any form), Tobacco, Vapes or any other illegal substance 
  3. Bags, backpacks, fanny packs and hard binocular cases 
  4. Beach balls, footballs or any other sporting equipment 
  5. Coolers, ice chest or containers 
  6. Outside food or drinks 
  7. Laser pointers 
  8. Noisemakers of any type that could cause stoppage of play 
  9. Pets (with the exception of registered service animals) 
  10. Umbrellas 

The district said it reserves the right to revoke or remove spectators at any time who refuse to comply with the aforementioned guidelines. 

“It is unfortunate our community was the place chosen to settle issues that were started outside our school district and by individuals who are not associated with our community,” Reid said in a statement. “CNP has always been a supportive, classy community and your actions, even through a tragedy such as this, have once again reiterated the GOLD Standard. I continue to be amazed by the stories of bravery and heroism displayed at last Friday’s game.”

Reid added that he has full faith in the Choctaw Police Department and other agencies as they continue to investigate the shooting.

“Where do we go from here? Through all of the news media coverage, one message resonates with me – If this can happen in Choctaw, then it can happen anywhere,” Reid said in his statement. ” No matter how safe and secure we believe our community has proven to be, people with bad intentions can easily cross school, city, or state boundaries and create havoc. For this reason, it is necessary we increase our safety protocols.”

Several other school districts have also announced changes to their safety and security protocols. Click here to learn more.

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