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Single’s Inferno 3 cast members Lee Gwan-hee and Choi Hye-seon have both confirmed that they are not dating despite leaving the show together.

On Saturday (Jan 20), Gwan-hee uploaded a video on his YouTube channel saying: “First of all, I want to tell you that we are not a couple.”

The 35-year-old explained that he had kept in touch with Hye-seon after the show and hung out at get-togethers, but ultimately he needed to be “in a relationship where I can meet the person every day”.

“Realistically, Hye-seon would need to go to England soon, and I needed to move back to Changwon and focus on my training, so I didn’t think we could be a couple,” the professional basketball player said.

“So we naturally formed a relationship where we contact each other and ask how the other person is doing from time to time.”

Hye-seon, 25, studies in the UK while Gwan-hee plays for Changwon LG Sakers.

Gwan-hee also explained that he had been silent on the matter as he was in the middle of a basketball season and talking about Single’s Inferno 3 could get irritating for the team and impact his performance.

However, after discussing with Hye-seon, he decided to release his statement because she was receiving backlash after appearing in a recent YouTube video with fellow contestant Son Won-ik.

Some viewers were rubbed the wrong way as they felt Hye-seon appeared to be flirting with Won-ik despite having left the show with Gwan-hee, prompting her to take a break from social media.

Nevertheless, Hye-seon returned to Instagram on Jan 20 to echo Gwan-hee’s statement.


She explained: “Even though we had enough conversations on how to overcome a long-distance relationship in Paradise, it seems that in reality, the time difference and distance became an insurmountable barrier, contrary to our confident feelings for each other.”

Hye-seon added that the two of them got “emotional and lingering” after watching the show when it aired and reliving the situation, and that “dealing with this situation” became difficult as they had “received more support and love than expected”.

“I’m sorry and feel very heavy-hearted to deliver disappointing news shortly after the show,” she wrote. “We treated each other sincerely, and we still remain in a good and respectful relationship.”

Netizens reacted positively to her post.

“Though you do not owe us anything, thanks for your honesty in sharing part of your private lives with us. We truly appreciate it.,” a comment read. “Now please live your life how you want it, Hye-seon.”


Another read: “This is really sad but completely understandable.”

Others held out hope that Hye-seon and Gwan-hee would reunite in the future and that their relationship (or lack thereof) was a matter of “right person, wrong time”.

Netizens also praised Gwan-hee for being “a gentleman” and posting his video first.

“He spoke up first to protect you and others around you,” a comment read. “I hope things will go well between you two in the future.”


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