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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The California Highway Patrol has issued a warning regarding scam phone calls after receiving multiple reports saying their loved ones were being held for ransom.

According to a Facebook post by CHP – Bakersfield, citizens have been reporting suspicious calls from people they believed were their loved ones with claims of them being held hostage. The caller ID displayed their loved one’s calling information. The scammer then asks the individual for money to ensure the loved one’s safe return.

CHP has advised against sending the scammer any money even if the caller ID is familiar. CHP also recommends directly contacting the loved one the scammer claims to be calling about from a different phone to ensure they are safe.

All are encouraged by CHP to report any suspicious phone calls to the Federal Trade Commission or the FBI.

For more information on scam phone calls and what to do about them, click here.

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