Christian Slater and Rami Malek Reveal Why Hacker Show ‘Mr. Robot’ Focuses On Mental Illness

Thanks to modern hacker culture, privacy is a thing of the past. We constantly read headlines about cyber invasion, from 4Chan users leaking nude photos of celebrities, hackers leaking the names of those who used the controversial website Ashley Madison, and classified government information being compromised.

Cybercrime is arguably the most important phenomena of the 21st century—and that’s what makes Mr. Robot, USA Network’s drama about a cyber-vigilante who tries to stop corruption through hacking, one of the most timely shows of today.

However, exploring digital anarchy isn’t the only reason why Mr. Robot is such an important show. Along with modern crime, the psychological thriller explores mental illness—a subject that used to be taboo, but has now finally getting the recognition it deserves.


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