CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to abduct Snowden

A secret US government jet flew to Europe last year to abduct Snowden, the former ex-NSA contractor who became famous for his leaks of classified US intelligence documents, from Russia and fly him back to America, according to a latest report.

Apparently, when Snowden arrived in Moscow from Hong Kong on June 24, 2013, an unmarked Gulfstream v business jet with tail number N977GA took off from Manassas Regional Airport, 30 miles from Washington DC and well known for offering services to its passengers which no other commercial airport offers, though discreetly, says The Register.

Not just the airport, the aircraft is also special; the plane was previously employed in CIA rendition flights—flights used to carry terror suspects who disappeared into nowhere once they boarded the plane.


The following day, N977GA was detected heading east over Scotland and at an altitude 45,000 feet without filing a flight plan and without mandatory reporting to Air Traffic Control.

“The plane showed up on our system at 5:20 on 25 June…We knew the reputation of this aircraft and what it had done in the past,” said a source quoted by The Register.

Although the plane was not reporting to air-traffic controllers about its progress, its progress was tracked by other private networking systems. There are many advanced technologies as well as online tracking networks active in the UK to track the progress of an aircraft (,, Planeplotter–, and

The online tracking information, however, reveals that the plane stopped at Copenhagen Airport and did not proceed to Moscow.

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