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CIMB Bank Philippines Outlines Measures to Thwart Gadget Hacking Amid Rising Cyber Threats

In an era where reliance on technology is at an all-time high, the specter of gadget hacking looms large. From research and information to communication and entertainment, the digitization of our everyday lives has made us increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. In the face of this escalating risk, CIMB Bank Philippines, a digital-only commercial bank, steps forward with a toolkit of practical measures to safeguard devices against hacking.

Recognizing the Cyber Threat Landscape

Hackers are continuously exploiting vulnerabilities in various systems. Recently, systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Ivanti Connect Secure, and Juniper Networks firewalls and switches have fallen prey to such attacks. Even in the domestic sphere, the vulnerability of connected devices to hacking is apparent. A recent incident involving the Bosch thermostat model BCC100 underscored this risk. Bitdefender Labs identified a significant vulnerability in the thermostat, which could allow hackers to manipulate the settings or install malicious software.

Practical Measures to Secure Devices

Against this backdrop, CIMB Bank Philippines offers several practical tips to help individuals secure their devices. Regular software updates are crucial to patch security vulnerabilities, as demonstrated by the recent Bosch thermostat issue. Users are also advised against executing sensitive transactions on public Wi-Fi networks and encouraged to secure their devices with a PIN, password, or biometric authentication. Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security, while vigilance against phishing attempts can thwart hackers’ efforts to gain unauthorized access to devices.

CIMB Bank PH’s Commitment to Cybersecurity

Recognized by Forbes as the Best Bank in the Philippines in 2023, CIMB Bank PH has made a strong commitment to cybersecurity. The bank has invested in robust security platforms, including a real-time fraud management system, network and infrastructure defenses, and application-level security tools. By staying informed about the latest hacking techniques and implementing these protective measures, users can safeguard their digital lives and ensure a safe banking experience with CIMB Bank.


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