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CISA Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity Eric Goldstein Discusses Cybersecurity Strategic Plan for 2024-2026 | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has released its Fiscal Year 2024-2026 Cybersecurity Strategic Plan, which will assemble government and industry players, both within and outside the United States, to implement foundational shifts in IT protection in the nation.

In a blog post published last week, Eric Goldstein, CISA’s executive assistant director of cybersecurity, discussed the strategy, which centers three main goals: addressing immediate threats, bolstering security resilience and treating Internet-based defense as a national safety issue.

To mitigate urgent threats, CISA will intensify efforts to study how attacks really occur, as well as coordinate information sharing and crackdown on threats. It will also refine metrics to measure the efficacy of tools and other investments for cybersecurity, and build a specialized workforce to patrol existing and emerging technologies.

“Ultimately, cybersecurity is a whole of CISA, whole of government, whole of nation mission. It takes every one of us to contribute to our individual and societal security,” Goldstein wrote.

“Through our shared efforts, we believe 2023 can be an inflection point when we shift the arc of national risk to create a safer future for generations to come,” he stated.


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