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ABB Accelleron’s Pesic and Kinly’s Gibson on Managing Enterprise Risk, Job Stress

Don Gibon, CISO, Kinly, and Milos Pesic, CISO, ABB Accelleron

CISOs face significant stress on a regular basis in their critical roles to safeguard organizations against the evolving threat landscape. CISOs must build cybersecurity resilience across the enterprise to protect digital assets and operations, advised Milos Pesic, CISO of ABB Accelleron.

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Pesic emphasized the importance of practice and education in building resilience, both personally and in business. To enhance resilience, Pesic said, it’s crucial to have a foundation of standardized templates that can be adapted to suit the specific needs of an organization.

The-trial-and-error approach is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of a new technology, added Don Gibson, CISO at Kinly. “I have the top 20 controls and then the rest of them. I grade them and I report that to the board,” Gibson said. “There will always be a board, a CEO and non-executive directors. There should be DNS controls and a disaster recovery plan. You have to take the basics and work through the iterations.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at ISMG’s London Cybersecurity Summit 2023, Pesic and Gibson also discussed:

  • The significance of information sharing, collaboration and building a strong cybersecurity community;
  • The need for tailored playbooks that consider the unique characteristics and requirements of each organization;
  • The role of communication and education in achieving cybersecurity goals.

Pesic is an award-winning leader with two decades of global experience in strategic, operational, advisory and technical leadership roles across highly regulated industry sectors including finance, telecom and healthcare.

Gibson creates pragmatic security programs, molding strong, diverse and resilient teams and functions that work with the business and help deliver business objectives. He is an advocate for cyber mental health.


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