City councilors plan to implement safety measures for dangerous street in Agawam | #schoolsaftey

AGAWAM, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) – People who live along Mill Street told us drivers speed up and down the busy roadway which creates a dangerous situation for anyone trying to cross the street near the high school, and others trying to pull out onto the road.

Western Mass News heard from city councilors on the next steps in order to keep pedestrians safe.

City councilors we spoke with today told us they hope to install a solar-powered crosswalk, better lighting and change the speed limit in the school zone to make sure drivers take their foot off the gas when heading down Mill Street.

Mill Street in Agawam is a notoriously busy road, with hundreds of cars pulling in and out of Agawam High School paired with even more cars traveling to and from Route 57, not only is there a high volume of traffic but people we spoke with told Western Mass News drivers tend to speed down mill street making it a nightmare for people to cross.

“It’s very difficult to get out of this street,” expressed Kathy Kalaitzidis of Agawam. “When we go to leave and you’re having to inch up a little bit it’s a very dangerous situation because you can’t really see the cars coming down and they come really fast.”

In 2021 Jack Coughlin, who was known in the area for cleaning up litter on Agawam’s streets died in the hospital after he was hit by a car on Mill Street while performing his good deeds.

Agawam City Councilor Rosemary Sandlin told us, she and her fellow councilors have been trying to implement pedestrian safety measures in the area.

Their efforts are finally starting to make progress.

“The state has agreed to make it a 20-mile-per-hour zone, and the DPW has purchased solar crossing panels and they’re going to paint the lines and the third thing I want done is the overhead lights,” noted Councilor Sandlin. “We need the street lights turned on. I mean all the lights we can get is the best possible thing to save lives.”

But Sandlin told us progress on these projects has hit a standstill.

While the council wants these safety measures implemented as soon as possible, she’s asking for the public’s patience until the equipment is installed.

“With any city project, it’s hard to get a firm commitment on when they’re going to see it but they are going to see it,” explained Councilor Sandlin.

People we spoke with who live along Mill Street told Western Mass News, they’re happy to see the city council taking steps to crack down on speeding and keep pedestrians safe.

There is currently no timeline for getting the new safety measures in place at this time.

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