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In today’s digital world, cybersecurity is a growing industry with very lucrative opportunities. 

The City of Refuge non-profit agency is providing high-tech training and opportunities for people who are underemployed or have no job at all.

“My friend asked, ‘Hey, are you interested in cybersecurity?’” and I had no record, zero background in it,” Joel Kigwila confessed. 

Kigwila was working retail for $10 an hour, he says his life has forever changed after 9 months in the Cyber Academy at City of Refuge.

A $5.4 million Department of Labor grant has created extraordinary opportunities in coding and cybersecurity for 280 people.

“Honestly, I was very frustrated when I started because it was learning something new, but this was an opportunity for me to grow, because whenever you are uncomfortable that’s where growing comes from. A year and a half later, I’m a professional at Delta Air Lines. It’s almost like a dream come true,” the cybersecurity engineer said.

This is graduation day for 20 cybersecurity professionals.

“It changed my life in every way. I have been working at warehouses working at hourly jobs. Now, I have a career, full-time position. I am a successful man doing things that I love, which is using my brain not my body,” Hadji Hick’s affirmed.

City of Refuge has partnered with top tier, Fortune 500 companies.

One of the biggest selling points of the program is that it is free for those who are selected.

“It’s with passion that I place people into jobs, whether it’s entry level or on up in a very high salary job. We want to provide light hope and transformation to the underserved and underemployed,” director of workforce development Jeannie Ross commented. 

Friday was graduation day for former police officer Calvin Brock.

“I’m much more prepared. Once again, I was in the Navy. That was over 20 years ago, and now I think I have the technical skills as well as the knowledge to go to any organization and be successful,” Brock said with confidence. 

The grant does not stop here. You have not missed out on an opportunity. The City of Refuge will start new cohorts in January and February of 2024.


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