City of Wichita computers hit by ransomware virus | #ransomware | #cybercrime

The City of Wichita is experiencing a ransomware attack that’s led to a shutdown of some of its systems to keep the malware from spreading. Mayor Lily Wu tells KNSS News the City “will not be able to process water bills as well as court documents”. The mayor urges citizens to “call ahead” of they’re seeking government services.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Wichita City Council will look at budgeting for promotion and tourism. Mayor Wu says Visit Wichita promotes tourism in the city, and that means dollars for local business. Visit Wichita city receives annual funding from hotel taxes.

It looks like a change of plans for a proposed Multi Agency Center for the homeless in Wichita.  Mayor  Wu says the Kansas Legislature is not supportive, so the city will have to downsize its plan. “Right now the biggest need we have is a shelter”, says Wu.

Mayor Wu commented during Mondays with the Mayor on Steve and Ted in the Morning on KNSS.

Featured Image Photo Credit: KNSSNEWS

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