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Maybe it’s because I grew up in a small town, but I love, love, love small towns across central Minnesota. Close-knit communities, less traffic, more green, maybe a bit slower pace than larger cities, where you can enjoy seeing the northern lights at night.


Even though the city might be small, is it too much to ask to get your city’s signs spelled correctly? Take Ogilvie for example. Ogilvie has great people, a race track, a post office that’s been around since 1899, and is the proud home of the Ogilvie Lions.


I heard from a friend that Ogilvie’s new city signs have been up for quite a while; maybe close to a year or more, and sure enough, I asked one of our friends that travel through the area, to get us a picture of the Ogilvie city signs.  Indeed; they have been spelled incorrectly. The signs say Oglivie, instead of Ogilvie.

Nathan Wasner photo

Nathan Wasner photo


I wonder if Ogilvie residents have contacted the state about their new signs, or if they just haven’t noticed the incorrect spelling yet.  Our local insider Nate Wasner said that the signs have been wrong for approximately one year.


The population of 388 seems to be correct as of the last census report I found that was conducted in 2020, but whether or not Ogilvie city members have complained to the state or not, I think they deserve to have their signs reprinted. If Minneapolis was spelled Minnaeoplis, how long do you think it would take to fix that one?  I’m just saying. I’m not a hater…I just think they deserve to have those signs updated sooner than later.

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