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City to Sponsor Cybersecurity Conference: Cyber Cheyenne 2023 | News | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

The City of Cheyenne is proud to announce its first-ever city-sponsored Cybersecurity Conference, addressing the pressing need to enhance cybersecurity measures in our rapidly evolving digital landscape. The event, titled “Cyber Cheyenne 2023: Strengthening Our Community,” will take place on Thursday, August 17, 2023, at Laramie County Community College. The city has partnered with the Wyoming and Northern Colorado International Systems Security Association (ISSA) chapters for this event.

With cyber threats on the rise and digital attacks becoming more sophisticated, the importance of cybersecurity has never been more evident. The Cyber Cheyenne 2023 Conference aims to bring together local and regional technology experts, professionals, and community leaders to raise awareness about the critical need for robust cybersecurity practices in our daily lives.

Mayor Patrick Collins expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming conference, stating, “Cyber Cheyenne 2023 is a crucial step towards building a safer digital future for our city. By joining hands with technology experts and raising awareness about cybersecurity, we are taking proactive measures to protect our residents, businesses, and critical infrastructure.”

“The conference has crucial timing. Cyber threats have increased in recent months,” Mayor Collins expressed. “Last spring alone, cybercriminals launched about 11.5 attacks per minute targeting government systems, schools, and healthcare facilities, among others. This was a 40 percent surge worldwide, and we are engaging in this important conversation to strengthen our community.”

Cyber Cheyenne 2023 welcomes professionals, students, policymakers, and all those interested in bolstering their cybersecurity knowledge. Highly skilled experts will provide a full day of sessions aimed at technology experts, business managers, and policymakers. For more information and to register for the conference, please visit https://www.cybercheyenne.com/.


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