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MOORHEAD – Clay County is notifying people that a ransomware attack may have led to their health or other personal information being stolen.

The cyber attack, which obtained information for people who receive or have received social services from Clay County or other Minnesota county social service agencies, was discovered Oct. 27, Clay County announced Friday, Dec. 22.

The attack targeted the CaseWorks electronic document management system, which is hosted by Clay County and used by other agencies, the county said in a news release.

The county said it immediately responded to the data breach, securely restoring operations and determining the extent of the incident. It also is working with a digital forensics firm, and notified federal law enforcement and the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Clay County determined there was unauthorized access to its network and data stolen between Oct 23 and 26 of this year.

Other affected counties have been notified and a review is ongoing to determine what information was stolen and from whom. The notice includes clients for:

  • Big Stone County Family Services
  • Clay County Social Services
  • Pennington County Human Services
  • Scott County Health and Human Services
  • Stevens County Human Services
  • Traverse County Social Services
  • Western Prairie Human Services
  • Wilkin County Health and Human Services.

The data stolen by individual varies, but includes names, together with some or all of the following kinds of information: Social Security number, address, date of birth, information on services provided to the individual such where and when services were delivered, client identification number (or unique identifiers related to services for individuals), insurance identification number, and/or insurance or billing information.
Clay County is urging those who may be affected to take steps to protect their personal information and watch for fraud or identity theft by reviewing and monitoring account statements, free credit reports, and health insurance Explanation of Benefits forms for unauthorized or suspicious activity.

If an individual’s Social Security number or driver’s license was involved, Clay County is offering credit monitoring services at no cost to those affected.

Any unauthorized or suspicious activity should be reported to authorities, including local law enforcement.


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