Course Time: 60 Minutes     CLS Credit: 1      Intermissions: 0      Location: Onsite / Online

Description: As a sports and entertainment attorney, your job at times can be more demanding than other attorneys practicing in other areas of the law. You are not just an attorney, but a baby sister, father/mother, business advisor, spiritual advisor, or even a psychologist. The hardest part of it all, is when you have a client that does not listen to your advice and/or can be reckless.
The top targets for blackmail and/or extortion are professional athletes and entertainers. In the public eye they are rich and famous. They are targets because it is perceived that they (especially athletes) cannot afford any type of bad publicity and would be willing to pay anything to not find themselves on TMZ.

Problem: Athletes and entertainers think about security as having a bodyguard, buying a gun, living in a gated neighborhood, having ADT alarm systems, security cameras or even pit bulls running around the yard. Thought is not often placed into the security of the internet that is connected to the computers, the security cameras, cell phones, the smart TV, the alarm systems, Xbox and any other connected devices.

Facts that you should know:

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