Course Time: 60 Minutes    CLE Credit: 1    Intermissions: 0     Location: Onsite / Online

Description: This unique CLE is based on real life and real-time information where bitter spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends and business partners have tried to use technology to spy on their spouses while going through a divorce or disgruntled business partners have tried to hack into each other cell phones.   The information used to build this course comes from a company that has been running a “Honey Pot” called for the last 13 years. This website has gathered over 23,000 inquiries from around the world from people trying to hire computer hackers or learn from computer hackers to attack or spy on your clients, especially during a legal battle.

In this CLE you will hear recorded conversations of people who are requesting services similar to the following:

  • “My wife and I are getting a divorce and I want to get proof of her cheating. Can you hack into her Facebook messenger or hack into her phone and get all of her text messages”?
  • “I think that my husband is cheating and I would like to hire you to track his every move, so that I can use this as ammunition for a divorce.

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