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Clever ketchup hack gets rid of sink stains with no scrubbing | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

A sink so clean, you can eat off it.

A common kitchen condiment can also be used to make your sink sparkle, according to one Aussie mom, who wowed thousands after sharing a viral hack using ketchup.

Moms on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean said they swear by the useful cleaning hack, praising the inexpensive and effective product for its magic.

“I used ketchup and left on for 11 hours,” the mom wrote, sharing photos of her sink covered in ketchup. “Scrubbed and then just rinsed off.”

According to Canadian-based cleaning service Scrubbi, ketchup is a useful cleaning tool due to the properties of its ingredients. The website said the acetic acid in the ketchup attacks the copper oxide, removing the grime and leaving it sparkling clean.

The mom shared the hack, showing before and after shots of her bathroom sink.
Facebook/Mums who clean
The mom covered the drain with tomato ketchup.
The mom covered the drain with tomato ketchup.
Facebook/Mums who clean
After leaving it for 11 hours and wiping, the grime was gone.
After leaving it for 11 hours and wiping it, the grime was gone.
Facebook/Mums who clean

The condiment can start working wonders in as little as 30 minutes after applying it, according to the Spruce, with some suggesting covering the area and leaving for 30 minutes before rubbing it with a soft cloth and rinsing well.

The odd cleaning hack isn’t the first one shared on social media, with a viral toilet cleaning hack shared on Instagram dividing viewers in September last year.

The clip showed a woman removing a toilet seat to wash it in the dishwasher along with drinking cups, food bowls and other eating utensils — leaving users claiming they felt physically ill after watching it.


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