Clinton Campaign Says No Hackers ?Compromised Its Computers

Hillary Clintons presidential campaign says theres no sign that hackers have broken into its computer systems, but its well aware that Russian cyber operatives may be trying.
?We continue to have no evidence that HFAs information systems have been compromised, Glen Caplin, a spokesman for Hillary for America, the campaign organization, said in an e-mail.
On Thursday, SecureWorks Corp., a cybersecurity company based in Atlanta, said its researchers found a group of hackers linked to the Russian government targeted Clintons campaign, ?including individuals managing Clintons communications, travel, campaign finances and advising her on policy.

The danger of cyber operations to gain inside information on this years presidential campaign was highlighted Tuesday when the Democratic National Committee disclosed that hackers had gained access to its servers. CrowdStrike Inc., the cybersecurity firm that the DNC hired to combat that intrusion, blamed different groups of hackers tied to the Russian government and said one of them had manged to steal opposition research on Republican candidate Donald Trump.
?What appears evident is that the Russian groups responsible for this hack are intent on attempting to influence the outcome of this election, Caplin said.
Threat Group-4127
The group that sought to break into Clintons campaign communications, called Threat Group-4127 by SecureWorks, targeted Google Gmail accounts, including those used by campaign workers, according to the company.
It appeared the hackers used Bitly, a site that shortens web links, to direct targets to false Google login pages. That would give the hackers access to e-mail accounts, according to Forbes, which reported SecureWorks findings earlier Thursday.
Russian officials have dismissed claims that their government is linked to attacks on U.S. political campaigns.


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