Clinton School of Public Service Hosts Cybersecurity Awareness Program

The Clinton School of Public Service hosted a cybersecurity program Monday in honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

The program was called “Cybersecurity in the Real World” and the main theme was “Stop, Think and Connect.”

Dr. Phyllis Schneck, Chief Cybersecurity Official at the Department of Homeland Security, spoke at the program about the importance of internet safety in this day and age.

Dr. Schneck says technology and innovation are outpacing security. She says part of her mission is “mitigation and response to cyber threat”.

“Be cognizant that everything is likely having an electronic component today and it could be talking or sending your information places we don’t yet understand,” Schneck says.

Schneck warns that keeping your devices protected, changing your passwords, and not using the same password over multiple different applications is crucial.


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