Cloud security, network visibility & more

Today’s interview is with Aubrey Merchant, federal CTO, Blue Coat Systems. In a town full of vendors that focus on cybersecurity, Blue Coat Systems is well known to a special community. When you listen to the interview with Merchant, you be surprised to discover that Blue Coat Systems has over 1,500 employees. During the interview, he expands on Cloud Access Security, network visibility, and lifecycle security.

The term “broker” normally denotes a person who acts as an intermediary in a transaction. We have seen this applied to financial investments, although it applies to many areas. In cyber security, a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) are control points that support visibility, compliance, and data security. These are becoming focal points when moving systems to the cloud.

Managing a network brings certain dilemmas with it. On the one hand, you may be responsible for the traffic on your network being safe; on the other hand, you must allow encrypted traffic. Using a means to understand all traffic will give a manager can mitigate risk.

Software developers are familiar with the abbreviation SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle. The interview with Aubrey Merchant ends with an explanation of the lifecycle of cyber security.


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