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As the cyber threat landscape escalates in complexity and danger, the need for advanced cybersecurity solutions becomes ever more pressing.

In a groundbreaking development, CloudDefense.AI is set to redefine cloud security with its latest offering, ‘Hacker’s View, a pivotal element of its Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). This revolutionary tool was created after extensive research over the years by the world’s top ethical hackers and is geared towards empowering organizations with a proactive stance in anticipating and neutralizing evolving cyber threats.

Urgency in evolving cyber threats

As the cyber threat landscape escalates in complexity and danger, the need for advanced cybersecurity solutions becomes ever more pressing. Predictions by Cybersecurity Ventures indicate an alarming surge in cybercrime costs, potentially reaching $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. This stark reality underscores the necessity for sophisticated cyber defenses.

Financial implications of cyber incidents

Highlighting the economic ramifications, the IBM Security Data Breach Report 2023 reveals a global average cost of a data breach at $4.45 million, emphasizing the need for predictive and effective cybersecurity solutions.

Introducing Hacker’s View: A proactive cybersecurity game-changer

Hacker’s View revolutionizes cybersecurity approaches. Its primary objective is comprehensive data gathering on client domains, presented in an easily digestible format. The tool performs exhaustive tasks including subdomain enumeration, technology analysis on discovered websites, and reverse IP lookup to fetch DNS names. These DNS names are pivotal in linking websites with AWS network interfaces, EC2 instances, and Load Balancers. Following this, it executes a port scan to check all open ports and uses this data for an application vulnerability scan.

Collaboration with ethical hackers

In crafting ‘Hacker’s View™, CloudDefense.AI has harnessed the expertise of world’s top ethical hackers, thereby ensuring the tool is embedded with real-world insights and capable of pre-empting complex cyber threats.

For security professionals: Navigating cybersecurity with ‘Hacker’s View’

For security professionals, ‘Hacker’s View™ offers an exceptionally intuitive experience. The interface efficiently displays discovered subdomains, their underlying technologies, and associated cloud assets. It adeptly highlights misconfigurations, application vulnerabilities, and potential malware threats identified through workload scans. Additionally, it provides a contextual map view of the company’s public infrastructure and leverages the gathered data in attack path analysis, offering a clear visualization of potential entry points for attackers.

A new era in cloud security

The introduction of ‘Hacker’s View™ by CloudDefense.AI marks a paradigm shift in cloud security. This tool is not merely a new addition but a strategic innovation reshaping the landscape of cloud security. It stands as a beacon of advanced, proactive, and comprehensive cyber defense, illustrating CloudDefense.AI’s unwavering commitment to securing the digital frontier.

“With CloudDefense.AI’s true CNAPP offering and Hacker’s View™ product, CloudDefense.AI is redefining cloud security by allowing organizations to see through the hacker’s eyes. Our goal is to stay ahead of threats, not just respond to them. We’re setting a course for a future where comprehensive domain reconnaissance and real-time vulnerability management are standard protocols, ensuring that every layer of our clients’ cloud environments is hack-proof” shared Anshu Bansal, CEO, CloudDefense.AI

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