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COPENHAGEN, May 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cyberattacks are on the rise, with both criminal groups and nation-states stepping up their digital assaults. The global landscape is experiencing a surge in hacking activity, and small businesses are now as likely to be attacked as major corporations and institutions. A unique military-grade cybersecurity solution called Codesealer is now available to everyone, providing crucial protection from hackers for web and mobile applications.

Steven McKeon, founder and CEO of MacguyverTech and MacNerd, agrees. “Our clients have seen an exponential increase in cyberattacks this year; they’ve seen literally thousands of attacks on their servers and networks. These are now AI-driven; we watched attacks jump from site to site faster than a human could possibly to it. We found that Codesealer was the best solution to this, which is why we’ve decided to partner with them.”

Codesealer stands out with its innovative approach to cybersecurity. Instead of merely detecting threats, it minimizes the attackable surface. “Traditional detection is continually playing catch-up, especially against AI-driven threats,” explains Tony Farinacci, CTO of Codesealer. “Our technology encrypts the source code and shields Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), drastically reducing the chances of code theft or data tampering.” Through a secure proxy, Codesealer ensures that the code delivered to a user’s browser is both invisible and unalterable, maintaining the integrity of the application in a tamper-proof environment.

Implementing Codesealer is straightforward, with deployment possible within a single day and minimal to no downtime required. It integrates seamlessly into existing web applications without necessitating any alterations to the source code or its functionality. “Codesealer is a proactive defense measure,” McKeon adds, “transforming applications into fortresses that are exceedingly difficult to penetrate, particularly against the modern AI-driven cyber threats.”

For more information about the Codesealer web application security solution and how it can protect your business, visit the Codesealer website.

For more information about MacguyverTech, visit the MacguyverTech website.

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