College students at higher risk for identity theft

Since college students are back in class, experts believe students are at a higher risk for identify theft.
The Better Business Bureau said college kids are targeted because they have good and clean credit scores. They’re also more willing to share information in person and online.

They say more than half of the identity theft cases reported is from someone the victim knows, so it’s important that students are keeping their personal information safe.

“Protect your information,” Kelvin Collins, Better Business Bureau CEO, said. “Don’t leave bank statements, credit card statements or your wallet just laying out for other people to find.”

College campus mailboxes can be easily accessed. Students should send sensitive mail to their permanent addresses.
Students should also often check their financial statements to look for suspicious activity or purchases.
According to Collins, if you see people on campus asking you to fill out personal information for a prize, don’t do it.


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