Colleges Should Offer Courses in Cyber Security: Ankit Fadia

The level of awareness in India about hacking is very low and more colleges need to offer courses in cyber security, Ankit Fadia, one of the brand ambassadors for prime minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ programme, has said.

Fadia, who calls himself an ethical hacker,  was in the city on Thursday to release his latest book series, ‘Stretch Your Technology’.

Addressing the gathering, he said, “The awareness level in India about hacking is very low. Although there is a huge demand for cyber security professionals in the corporate world, very few colleges offer courses in hacking. The government should introduce courses in cyber security at least in government colleges.

“The digital revolution has taken India by storm. It could lead to democratisation of power through the availability of information. However, very few people know how to unleash the full potential of their smartphones. My main goal with these three books is to change this scenario.


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