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ICT Minister Mauricio Lizcano announced the creation of a Hub, or cybersecurity center, to promote the development of a solid ecosystem that brings together cybersecurity facilities, companies, and services in search of strengthening cyberdefense capabilities in the country.

“If there is no security, there is no trust in the ecosystems, there is no trust in the State, there is no trust of the people to use technological services, there is no trust of the companies. In any strategic element that we want to do in terms of development of ecosystems, cyber security is fundamental. That is why from the first day we arrived at the ministry we decided to create this Hub that we are launching today, which already has the resources ,” explained Minister Lizcano.

This cybersecurity center will be in the BIOS Center, an entity that will transform its mission and work to focus on digital security, thanks to an investment of $10,000 million, and will have three objectives: develop a cloud-based cybersecurity service using the infrastructure of BIOS supercomputing; increase the number of highly trained professionals in cybersecurity and protect the Nation’s strategic infrastructure from cyber threats and strengthen their capabilities.

Of the $10,000 million that will be transferred to the BIOS Center, $1,500 million will be used to turn on the supercomputer that works there, which is the fourth most powerful in Latin America: ” we developed this project in a month that we have been at the Ministry, because we took the cybersecurity seriously, and we are working with concrete actions to solve concrete problems ,” said Lizcano.

Another point that the ICT Ministry highlighted is that creating the Cybersecurity Hub at the BIOS Center, located in Villamaría (Caldas), is a commitment to decentralization: ” we are a country of regions and we need all of them to have development opportunities. We are interested in This Center, which is public, belongs to the Government, belongs to all Colombians, is appropriated and strengthened ,” concluded Lizcano.


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