Colorado Springs police estimate more than 100 victims of alleged identity thief

Police estimate that more than 100 people fell victim to a 32-year-old man’s alleged pattern of identity theft in Colorado Springs.

Armando Gallegos allegedly manufactured checks using others’ account information and then used the checks at local businesses. He was arrested Aug. 23 in one of the five cases of identity theft police were looking into involving him.

After his arrest, officers found several forged IDs, checks and credit cards in his vehicle, as well as a firearm and narcotics.

When police officers and postal inspectors interviewed him, he reportedly admitted to altering and manufacturing checks, as well as stealing mail in Black Forest and Colorado Springs, police said.

An identity theft lab was found in his home, which included laptop computers, printers, garbage bags full of unopened mail and altered IDs and checks.

He has been arrested in seven identity theft cases “in this pattern,” police said.

Gallegos remained in El Paso County jail on Thursday night on $3,000 bond, inmate records show.


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