Columbia Univ. faces scrutiny for ignoring complaints about OB-GYN who abused patients | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Laura Beil:

Yes, we documented women who tried to tell people at Columbia for years. Sometimes, the women would have trouble articulating it, as you might imagine, given the breach of trust and the trauma.

And they would try to say: “Dr. Hadden made me uncomfortable. Dr. Hadden, I find him creepy.”

But there were instances where women were pretty explicit. One woman in 1993 had one appointment with him just before her baby was born. She sat down and wrote a multipage letter to the chairman of the department describing in detail what had happened to her. So, it varied, but there were definitely warnings.

Columbia failed to act. The warnings were dismissed. The women were not believed. If you’re going to protect your patients from a predator like Robert Hadden, the first step is to actually believe that someone like Hadden can exist at your institution.

And so, on multiple occasions, the women’s complaints were just dismissed or ignored.

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