Commissioner #Calvert becomes #victim of #identity theft

SAN ANTONIO – Police are tracking an identity thief who investigators believe may be connected to a sophisticated credit fraud ring.

A recent victim happens to be Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert.

“It’s a very frustrating thing I can tell you that, but they attacked the wrong guy we’re going after them,” Tommy Calvert said.

Commissioner Tommy Calvert has a story to tell and a warning.

He now joins the ranks of San Antonians who are victims of identity theft.

He says what happened to him doesn’t appear to be the work of a petty thief.

“It appears to be a sophisticated mix of hackers and organized crime folks and these folks are in our city physically we have photos of them from the credit human from HEB from a number of these stores,” Calvert said.

He knew he’d been targeted when he tried using his debit card. The machine wouldn’t accept his PIN.

Days prior he’d requested a replacement card with a micro chip.

“That chip card never got to me,” Calvert said. “It was somehow intercepted in the mail.”

Whoever got the card had enough information that they were able to activate it, change his PIN, and start using the new chip card like it was theirs.

“Began to get cash everywhere from credit human, went on a shopping spree at HEB, CVS, Marshal’s, a shoe store and numerous other places,” Calvert said.

The criminal activity is well documented. Calvert checked online for recent transactions.

“I didn’t make these transactions and boy has my bank account been drained,” Calvert said.

He called the bank and police. It didn’t take long to figure out theives also transferred cash from his account and that’s not all.

They somehow managed to duplicate and use another chipped credit card still in Calvert’s pocket. They even opened new credit accounts in his name.

“I have now figure out there is a credit card through chase that I did not authorize,” Calvert said.

He’s now dealing with the long process of clearing things up. He voiced his frustration half joking, half serious.

“They don’t know who they’re messing with they will soon.”

San Antonio fraud investigators are reviewing security camera footage from several of the businesses.

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