Computer Forensic and Intrusion Analyst (Senior)


Provides technical forensic support for federated, internal, and global external customers. Conducts exploitation processes on a variety of media including hard drives, thumb drives, and memory cards. Conducts imaging and data extraction processes on a variety of media including hard drives, thumb drives, and memory cards. Creates detailed notes on processes undertaken and develops intelligence-based reporting. Provides testing and evaluation of emerging trends in digital forensics software and hardware and assists the customer in developing new and innovative forensic processes and procedures.  Conducts peer reviews of other examiners’ reporting and serves as a mentor for less experienced examiners.

Required Skills:

Must have 8-10 years of experience in the following:

  • Subject matter expert in the field of digital media exploitation or forensics
  • Understanding of hardware configurations and comfort with disassembling and reassembling computers and periphery devices
  • Understanding of hard drive architecture and connection types
  • Understanding of computer file systems
  • In-depth experience with file system forensics
  • In-depth experience with registry analysis
  • In-depth experience with Internet history analysis
  • Understanding of steganography and encryption detection and analysis
  • Understanding of managing complex large data set analysis
  • In-depth experience with timeline analysis
  • Experience with forensic media imaging
  • In-depth experience with email analysis
  • In-depth experience with signature and hash analysis
  • Experience with forensics tools such as EnCase, Forensic Toolkit, iLook, etc.
  • Strong documentation and written communication skills with technical report writing experience
  • Industry standard certification(s) such as: CFCE, EnCE, ACE, GIAC, DoD

Preferred Skills:

  • Advanced troubleshooting skills
  • Hard drive and/or cellular phone repair skills
  • Forensic tool and script development
  • Metadata extraction and analysis
  • Network and intrusion analysis
  • Mobile/Cellular device analysis
  • Forensic video analysis
  • Digital forensic instructor
  • Software development
  • Database analysis/development
  • Reverse engineering
  • Application analysis
  • Malware analysis
  • Network forensics
  • Intrusion analysis
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Social networking analysis
  • Law enforcement investigation
  • Finished intelligence report writing

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Must have an active TS SCI to be considered. Qualified candidate will have 8-10 years of experience in Computer Forensics and Intrusion Analysis.


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