Computer #Hackers are #Trying to Get Into Your #Wallet

A warning for when you open that next email, it could be hackers trying to get into your wallet.

One Bowling Green woman didn’t want to take any chances when she received an email demanding thousands of dollars from someone she’s never met.

WNKY News’ Cecilia Herrell found out what you can do to avoid being the next cyber victim.

Everyday over 205-billion emails are sent across the world. On November 20th, Deborah West, received an email blackmailing her for money.

West works from home everyday on her computer. With technology evolving she was concerned her livelihood might be affected if her computer was actually hacked.

West took her computer to an expert, who confirmed her computer had not been hacked and it was only a fake email attempting to scam her out of thousands of dollars.

West wants to make sure other people don’t fall victim to the cyber scam.

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