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A convicted child predator who allegedly assaulted a child in Kelowna while under probation conditions last month will remain behind bars as he awaits a possible trial.

Taylor Dueck was arrested on Feb. 9 after he allegedly assaulted an 11-year-old child in a bathroom at a Kelowna equestrian facility. The young child was able to flee from Dueck and tell her parents about the alleged assault, who then contacted police.

He was charged with sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and breach of probation, and he’s been in custody since his arrest.

Following a bail hearing last week, Judge Michelle Daneliuk delivered her decision Thursday afternoon, denying Dueck’s bail application.

All submissions made during last week’s bail hearing and Judge Daneliuk’s reasons for her decision are covered under a routine publication ban for bail hearings. The ban is in place to ensure a potential jury will be unbiased if the case goes to trial.

Offenders in Canada have a constitutional right to bail, given the presumption of innocence enshrined in the justice system. A judge can detain an accused person based on three grounds: to ensure the accused will attend court, to ensure the protection of the public, and to maintain the public’s confidence in the justice system.

The matter is now expected to head to trial at a later date.

Criminal past

Dueck was under a three-year probation order when the alleged Feb. 9, 2024 incident occurred, having served a previous 12-month sentence for sexual interference of a person under 16 in 2020. He had been under the probation conditions for about 14 months prior to the February 2024 incident.

According to parole documents, the 2020 incident involved a 10-year-old girl in Mission, B.C. Dueck had offered her $20 and asked her to join him in a tent to “do something,”

“During an interview with police you admitted to bending down and hugging the child from behind, touching her between her stomach and her ‘privates,’” the parole documents state.

“You also acknowledged that you might have touched her vagina when you grabbed the victim around the waist. You admitted to police that you hugged the child for ‘self-gratification’ and that if she hadn’t then run out of the tent, you would have followed through and done more.”

This incident occurred less than two months after he had been released from custody on a separate jail sentence. He served a 4.5-year sentence for sexually assaulting four different teenage girls in 2014, including one incident where he threatened the teen with knife during the assault.

Political uproar

Following Castanet’s reporting on the incident, politicians across B.C. have expressed concern over matter.

Last week, Premier David Eby called the situation “outrageous” and a “massive failure of judgment” at every level. He called the Community Living BC subcontractor, Personal Lifestyle Support Ltd., who was tasked with supervising Dueck while he was at the equestrian centre “negligent and incompetent.”

The owner of the Personal Lifestyle Support Ltd. Tamara Papineau told Castanet she had not been made aware of Dueck’s full criminal history when her company took on the contract.

Meanwhile, the owner of the equestrian centre where the assault allegedly occurred told Castanet she had no idea about Dueck’s long criminal history prior to the alleged Feb. 9 incident.

B.C.’s Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has said he’s ordered a full investigation into how Dueck was allowed to be in a position to allegedly reoffend again.

Last week, Kelowna-Mission MLA Renee Merrifield grilled the government in the Legislature over the “total failure” that she says allowed the alleged attack to occur.

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