Cooperation with the FBI- Sabu got free

Sabu is that famous hacker, who belonged to the cyber attacker’s group Anonymous. He was charged by the courts for various hacks on well-known institutions. But, Federal court gave him the warm welcome after he helped them in blocking the cyber attacks on NASA and Congress.

The Federal Court granted him 20 years prison from which he passed 2 years and then started helping the government agencies which is why now he has to spend only 7 more months in prison.

The US District Chief Jude called it the Extraordinary Cooperation. Sabu helped the government in tackling with over 300 cyber attacks. The Chief Judge said that he worked without stopping for last 3 years and helped to the great deal.

Xavier Monsegur also known as Sabu said that he has changed a lot since then when he came in the prison. According to him, he started working with the group Anonymous because he was distress on the detention of Julian Assange.

He saved many big companies and governments from losing millions of dollars.

Cooperation with the FBI- Sabu got free

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