Cornhusker Public Power District presents safety program to Schuyler area fifth graders | #schoolsaftey

This fall, Fishers Elementary, Richland Elementary, and Schuyler Elementary School fifth graders learned about electrical safety from Cornhusker Public Power District representatives. The school was among the 20 schools and 504 students in Cornhusker Public Power District’s six-county service area to experience the program.

Cornhusker Public Power District employees demonstrated Hazard Hamlet, an interactive electrical safety simulator. Hazard Hamlet features 16 visual scenes illustrating common everyday situations where electricity can injure people.

The safety message emphasizes staying away from overhead power lines. One electrical hazard depicted in Hazard Hamlet deals with a car hitting a utility pole.

“If you’re ever in a car that hits a power pole, and an energized wire falls on the car, stay in the car until help arrives,” says Marketing Communications Specialist Jessica Kurpgeweit. “Remember, electricity is always looking for a path to the ground. You do not want your body to become a direct link to the ground, or the result could be deadly.”

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In addition to Hazard Hamlet scenes, a board containing samples of different conductors is shown. Students also watch a video, The Shocking Truth, which shows potential electricity-related hazards.

The line technician shows the equipment he uses when working on energized lines. He shows students a hard hat, safety glasses, rubber gloves, belt, and hooks. Students always enjoy going outside and watching the technician climb a power pole.

Presenters of the program were Kurpgeweit, Apprentice Line Technician Cameron Menke and Journey Line Technician Bryce Theilen.

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