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Cost of living – latest: ‘Worrying sign’ in inflation data – as minister says when it will return to 2%; savers encouraged to switch as rates ‘volatile’ | UK News | #datingscams | #lovescams | #datingscams | #love | #relationships | #scams | #pof | #match.com | #dating

By Megan Harwood-Baynes, cost of living specialist

There has been an alarming 39% rise in romance scams in the past three months, a digital safety and privacy expert has found.

These scams involve fraudsters deceiving individuals into romantic relationships. Scammers adopt an online persona – sometimes that of a celebrity – with the goal of stealing money, or personal information.

And the ways they trick people are getting more creative.

Avast – a member of the Coalition Against Stalkerware, No More Ransom and Internet Watch Foundation – found attackers are using deceptive emails, push notifications and misleading adverts to lure in their victims.

Once targeted, victims are redirected to seemingly legitimate dating sites populated with fake bot profiles.

When people attempted to engage in conversation with these profiles, they were coerced into paying for a subscription, falling prey to the scam. 

Data for the quarter, April to June this year, also showed a significant increase in overall cyber risks, with an increase of 24% in unique attacks blocked over the previous period, the highest risk seen in three years.  

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