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Costa Rica approves cybersecurity regulation with a focus on 5G

Costa Rica’s science, innovation, technology and telecommunications ministry (Micitt) and the public security ministry (MSP) signed a regulation on cybersecurity measures for the telecommunications industry.

The regulation focuses on 5G or more advanced technologies. “From the implementation of networks based on fifth generation technology (5G), and its deep integration into the different processes and applications that produce large amounts of data, concerns have been generated around the world about national security and the risk of espionage,” Micitt said in a statement.

Costa Rica is in the process of preparing a spectrum auction that will allow the deployment of 5G technology nationwide and which is expected to include cybersecurity considerations.

The content of the regulation has not been disclosed but its publication is expected in the coming days in the official gazette.

It was also announced that the information security incident response center (CSIRT-CR) signed memorandums of understanding with its peers in Honduras, Panama and the Dominican Republic with the aim of promoting cooperation in the field of cybersecurity.

Lorenzo Sauceda, president of Honduras’ telecommunications commission, said the agreement will allow the agencies to manage the necessary tools to strengthen alert systems and attention to computer incidents. “It is urgent that the countries can share knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, since these lessons will allow us to strengthen ourselves as a region,” he said in a release.

In addition to the CSIRT, Costa Rica has a project to install a cybersecurity operations center (SOC) and reinforce the country’s digital infrastructure.

In March, Costa Rica received financial aid of US$25mn from the US embassy for the installation of the SOC to strengthen monitoring, prevention, detection, investigation and response to cyber threats.

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