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I was innocently reading my New York Times last week when I was startled by this ghastly headline:

“Judge Let Abusive Parents Keep Daughter. Days Later, She Was Dead.”

As we shall see, this wasn’t a mistake; it was the logical consequence of a demented ideology that demands “reuniting” helpless children with their psychotic parents.

See if you can spot any telltale signs that Ella Vitalis should not have been sent back to her parents, Johnson Vitalis and Lafeyette Browne, ever, under any circumstances, even if they were the last people on Earth.

Ella first came to the attention of the authorities last year when she was just 3 weeks old and police, responding to a domestic violence call, found her with two broken ankles, a fractured skull and a brain hemorrhage. The parents had no explanation for any of this.

Child welfare authorities promptly placed both Ella and her 1-year-old brother, Liam, in foster care with their grandmother.

Just a month later, Ella’s father was left alone with her during a child visitation and, in that short amount of time, managed to slice the little girl’s tongue with a “sharp object,” requiring her to be fed intravenously for six days.

So far, Ella’s parents had spent a total of three weeks and a few hours with her, during which time she ended up with multiple broken bones, a brain hemorrhage and a bloody, mangled tongue.

So naturally, when family court judge and de Blasio appointee Erik S. Pitchal was assigned Ella’s case this past August, he ordered the children to be “reunited” with their parents.

Over the next month, Ella’s parents managed to avoid sending her to the hospital, but judging by the cuts and bruises found on her body in September, it was not from lack of trying. The parents blew off all five follow-up appointments with child welfare specialists, so in September, case workers returned to court and again asked Judge Pitchal to remove the children.

He denied the request. The next day, her parents delivered the fatal blow, striking Ella’s head with a blunt object, leaving her unresponsive. They explained to authorities that the welts all over her body resulted from her “drinking too much milk.” After five days on life support, she died.

One of the judge’s defenders, Gladys Carrion, a former children’s services commissioner and currently a senior fellow at the Columbia Justice Lab, told the Times, “This is not an exact science.” It’s not “science” at all.

Most people have no idea, but the obsession with keeping “families” together is another zany progressive cause. Part of the reason is that godless liberals who dismiss religion as a bunch of hocus-pocus believe there’s some mystical, supernatural connection between kids and their biological parents.

But a big reason are those fatal words, capable of annihilating everything in their path: “Disparate impact.” It seems that black parents are more likely to abuse their kids than white parents. As put by NBC News/Pro Publica last year, inspired by “the 2020 demonstrations for racial justice nationwide, family rights activists have made a renewed push to change the child welfare system — including the repeal of the [1997 child safety law].”

Before the “rights activists” dismantle another basic pillar of civilization in the name of “social justice,” let’s pause to remember why the 1997 Adoption and Safe Families Act was passed in the first place.

In 1996, Sister Josephine Murphy, who worked at St. Ann’s Infant and Maternity Home, appeared before Congress, begging members to reconsider the “families first” policy of the Family Reunification Act and replace it with “children come first.”

At that time, about 1,200 to 1,500 kids were being killed by their parents every year. After passage of a law putting kids’ safety above keeping “families” together, that number was cut in half. Today, about 700 kids die at their parents’ hands every year.

Let Ella Vitalis’ hideous death remind Americans why we shouldn’t let progressives anywhere near child welfare laws.


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