Council motion takes aim at beefing up school safety zones | #schoolsaftey

Proposal to create a School Safety and Mobility Committee made in response to parent concerns after hit-and-run death

Parents are asking for increased safety measures around their children’s schools. 

A motion to develop a Burlington School Safety and Mobility Committee, made during a city meeting on May 30 by Ward 2 councillor Lisa Kearns, is intended to get the director of transportation to explore the creation of the new group sometime next year. 

“This motion really signals and demonstrates the commitment by the city towards protecting our young citizens,” Ward 2 councillor Lisa Kearns says. “We know it will have a positive, longer term impact on Burlington’s future generations.”

Though specifics are not yet known, the committee would be responsible for developing new safety plans and regulations around schools. The new safety implementations will be supplementary to the 40 km/h speed limits and crossing guards that already exist.

The proposed committee will be made up of members of the school board, police and the transportation department. 

“We will take a more pointed, stakeholder approach to develop additional safety opportunities through a proposed school safety and mobility committee,” Kearns says. 

The motion will be put in front of council on June 13. If it passes, it is expected to be implemented sometime in 2024. 

Kearns says that following the recent death of an 8-year-old student outside of her school in a hit-and-run, many parents reached out to her asking for increased safety measures. The proposed committee is a direct response to an increase in community outreach. 

The outcome of the motion is ideally to ensure students are able to safely travel to and from school, identify potential risks, ensure a safe environment for students while commuting, and evaluate existing traffic safety measures around schools and analyze how they may be improved, the motion memorandum reads. 

“This motion will help give parents peace of mind knowing their children will be looked after when they’re away from home,” Kearns says. 

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