Councilman to hold press conference Wednesday on new crime-fighting technology being used in Detroit

7 Action News is expecting to learn more Wednesday, September 23, about a form of crime-fighting technology Detroit police have been using for about a year now.

The technology is called Shotspotter and it’s been credited with helping police in cities across the country. Detroit Councilman Scott Benson will host a press conference this afternoon.

The Detroit Police Department installed the Shotspotter program over a year ago. It detected more than two dozen shots fired in the first week.

Here’s how it works. Microphones covered in weatherproof casing are placed in spots with high crime.
When a shot is fired the sensors relay information to police to help them originate the area where the shots came from by sending them real-time GPS data. That data then takes police to a small area that enables them to track down activity faster.


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