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County Board of Commissioner’s Meeting Hears Concerns over Fairground Policy and Child Safety

Published 11:23 am Monday, September 25, 2023

The Board heard a motion to move forward with the Community Development Block Grant on Sept. 19th. Commissioner Jessie Smith made a motion to approve the measure, which was seconded by Commissioner Clay Jones, passing unanimously.

Grounds and maintenance manager Daryl Dowdell updated the Board on the roof for the human services building stating the architect fee was 6% of the total cost. County attorney Hayden Hooks mentioned it was standard.

The Board then heard an update on Rock Hill Park from Parks & Rec director Tim Estes. Estes recalled giving the Board a budget of $253,000 which current plans exceed. He explained the project was one of five funded by a grant.

“Our grant, what we wrote for, was 1.199 million. The difference between that 1.199 and the 1.4 is what they added for contingency. We’ve got to exhaust that 1.199 million before we can request contingency. We would have to request those funds then justify those funds.”

The Board expressed interest in using contingency funds to cover the walking path. Mr. Estes rephrased the Board’s request.

“What I need is for them to give me a quote that does not include a walking track at this time but does include the larger picnic table.”

County administrator Rayetta Volley addressed the Board.

“We’ve been asked about not allowing fairs so close together.”

Smith expressed concerns about fair competition.

“You want to make as much profit as you can. If you have, two weeks later, another one come in. . . I don’t agree with that.”

Waddell countered.

“We sit there and turn someone down because someone’s having something right after that, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

Smith clarified.

“I’m not saying turn them down, I’m saying give them a different day.”

Hooks gave a suggestion.

“I imagine there is some cleanup that’s involved. There may be practical reasons to do it that serve the county and aren’t serving individual business owners.”

Estes commented.

“The first person that rented it probably has $10,000 plus invested in it, and now somebody sees their dates and they come in and they rent two weeks ahead of them, which is going to significantly cut into that second fair.”

“One starts next Wednesday, Josh Macaroni’s, and then Mr. Terry’s would be in October.”

Fair recruiter Javarius Terry explained his decision to turn down Macaroni’s fair Prime Time Amusements.

“Mr. Macaroni has had several incidents. One was in North Carolina where a 10-year-old fell off the Farris wheel. The reason that those were not reported to the fire commission is because he had paid them hush money.”

Macaroni applied anyway. David Baldwin voiced concerns.

“I also have some safety concerns now. I think that needs to be addressed more than anything.”

Clay Jones responded.

“How are you going to find that out? He said it was never reported.”

Baldwin countered.

“By the same token, we require Terry to come in here, we can require Mr. Macaroni to come in.”

Hooks replied.

“I want to look at the application and look at the policy and figure out a way that maybe we can push this back.”

David Baldwin updated the Board on the Public Safety Radio System.

“We made an initial payment 147,000 dollars in change. Second payment was to come once they had delivered and installed the radio system, and then the final payment comes in two months after it has been installed and we’re sure we’re not having any issues.”

He mentioned delays.

“Unfortunately, when this project first began, the tower companies were not contacted and they had absolutely no knowledge that we had equipment on their towers.”

He mentioned Radio One asked for early payment due to tower delays.

“They have asked that once they deliver that equipment and we are in possession of it that we give them the second payment.”

Baldwin also discussed the need for an interoperability system to link with alert systems in neighboring counties, making a motion to approve the estimate from Radio One of $27,376.68 for the interoperability system. It was seconded by Commissioner Smith. The motion passed unanimously.


Estes gave an update on the lightning strike on a power box at Regional Park.

“What they are supposed to do at that point is notify the owner and repair the problem.”

He stated he was unaware of the issue until he found the pink tag. He gave his assessment once the power returned.

“This lightning, on one scoreboard in particular, burnt a bunch of sockets out.”


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