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Couple with 26-year age gap and five kids say people always assume they are related – World News | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Allison, 45, and Ben Hornsby, 71, have been an item for 25 years and have five children together but still get vile comments from strangers who call the couple “just nasty”

People assume Ben Hornsby is Allison’s father(Jam Press/@starrynight1951)

A woman with a partner 26 years her senior has revealed people always assume her 71-year-old husband is her dad, as older men send ‘inappropriate’ sugar daddy offers.

Allison, 45, and Ben Hornsby, 71, have been an item for 25 years having triplets and twins, yet say they often face abuse in public and online for their love, as commenters dub the pair ‘just nasty’.

In spite of the naysayers, the pair like to post videos online to Instagram to show the world “the beauty of a strong marriage”, according to a very loved-up Allison.

USPS worker Ben met Allison whilst delivering post to a pawn shop where she worked back in 1998.

The couple with triplets Benjamin, Noah and Ethan(Jam Press/@starrynight1951)

Aged only 19, Allison was the one to ask Ben out on a date after a year of daily deliveries led to a crush on the then 46-year-old postie, and the two quickly fell madly in love.

After a quarter of a century together, people often still question the relationship or assume the pair are father and daughter.

Allison said: “We get inappropriate messages, mostly from men, with older men offering to be my sugar daddy.

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