Covenant School student’s mom: Every school deserves same safety precautions | #schoolsaftey

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WZTV) — More than six weeks after The Covenant School mass shooting the push continues to make schools safer for students and staff.

There’s a lot of different kinds of school safety upgrades being pitched from bullet-proof glass to bullet-proof walls and safe rooms.

This follows the governor signing off on $230 million this week for school safety improvements and there’s a lot of new technology to choose from.

“We need to do just everything that we possibly can to make all of our schools safer and I don’t think right now that we’ve quite done enough” Mattie Mitchell, a Cheatham County Schools mom said.

Mattie Mitchell helped arrange for Alabama-based company KT Solutions to demonstrate their latest life-saving technology at a presentation in Cheatham County on Friday. Parents saw bullet-proof, military safe rooms converted for classrooms.

The walls for KT Solutions are called a Rapid Access Safe Room and it forms a barrier that can’t be pierced by gunfire. The company also showcased new gunfire-detecting technology for hallways.

“Things like monitors that are shooter detection systems that can pinpoint within under a second exactly where shots had been fired on campus,” Kevin Thomas, CEO of KT Solutions said.

Mattie Mitchell, president of non-profit ‘Liam Changed the World,’ helps parents who’ve lost children. She’s working with the company to fund raise to help offset costs hopefully bring their high-tech security measures to Tennessee schools.

“I know as a mom, like my personal fear is sending my kids to school every day and getting that phone call that something’s happened,” Mitchell said.

Governor Lee’s budget dedicates $54 million specifically to physical security upgrades.

Many parents, including one whose son attends covenant school, agree that these are just as important as the SROs the governor aims to have in every school building.

“Put an SRO at the door against somebody with a semi-automatic or automatic rifle is setting them up for failure,” Sarah Neumann, mother of a Covenant student said.

State officials are directing school districts to begin assessing what safety improvements they’ll need.

“I do think that making sure every single student, staff member at every single school in this state deserves the same safety precautions,” Neumann said.

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