CPS security guard charged with raping girl he met at Farragut H.S. | #schoolsaftey

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Farragut High School security guard has been charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl he met at the school.

Romel Campoverde, 43, is charged with criminal sexual assault, according to Chicago police and Cook County prosecutors.

Romel Campoverde, a Chicago Public Schools security guard, is charged with sexually assaulting a girl he met while working at Farragut High School.

Chicago Police Department

Prosecutors said Campoverde met the victim during her freshman year, when they began communicating on Snapchat.

The two then began meeting each other during the victim’s sophomore year, when on separate occasions he took her to the mall to buy shoes, gave her $40 to get her hair done, and bought her alcohol. He also invited her to his home after prom on May 20.

On June 25, Campoverde took the girl to McDonald’s, and then bought eight cans of a tequila mixed drink. Prosecutors said he had the girl drink six of them, and he drank two himself. 

Prosecutors said the girl became “extremely intoxicated, and Campoverde took her to 31st Street beach, where he kissed her as he drove around, and he pulled down her shirt and put his mouth on her breasts. He then took her to his RV near 26th and Blue Island, where he pulled off her shorts, and tried to perform oral sex on her, but she pushed his head away.

Campoverde then ignored her pleas to stop and sexually assaulted her.

The victim pushed him away again and ran outside and called a friend. Campoverde came out of the RV and told the girl to get in his car, and he drove her home.

The next day, the girl reported the attack to an afterschool program employee. The rape was then reported to the police, and the victim went to the hospital, where a rape kit was collected.

Police obtained a search warrant for Campoverde’s RV, where they found two of the girl’s glitter press-on nails, along with a set of blood-stained towels and blankets. Results of the rape kit and DNA tests on the towels were still pending as of Wednesday.

The victim was questioned by police and prosecutors on June 28, and she described the attack and identified Campoverde as her rapist.

Campoverde was arrested Monday.

At his bond hearing on Wednesday, his bail was set at $100,000. He is due back in court on Aug. 8. If he is able to post bail, he may not have any contact with the victim, or anyone else under 18 years old. He also must be placed on electronic monitoring.

Farragut Principal Tonya Hammaker sent a letter to parents informing them Campoverde has been removed from the school, and is under investigation by the Chicago Public Schools inspector general.

“Please know that we are taking this situation seriously, and we remain committed to providing your children with a safe, positive learning environment where they can reach their full potential,” Hammaker wrote.

Hammaker also asked any parents to report concerns about their children’s safety to the Office of Student Protections and Title IX at 773-535-4400.

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