Credit card skimming device found at Goffstown ATM

GOFFSTOWN, N.H. —Goffstown police are urging people who may have used the Bank of America ATM at the Shaw’s Plaza on Mast Road to check their bank and credit card statements for unusual transactions.

Police say they found a credit card skimming device.

Police say a fake front was placed over the magnetic strip reader that would unlock the door leading into the ATM. Bank officials have been notified.

Donald Essig has frequently used the ATM that has recently been targeted by thieves. He’s now worried about the protection of his personal information.

“You read about this and you think, ‘It could never happen to me,'” Essig said. “I just came down here to check the account and the balance. I took all of my money out of there and I am never going in there again.”

Snoopwall CEO Gary Miliefsky is a cybersecurity expert and said scammers can also steal your PIN.

“When you put your card through their device, it stores that information in its memory,” Miliefsky said. “It has a reader with memory, like a mini-computer.”

Miliefsky said once the scammers have that information, they can use it right away to make purchases or withdraw money. He said the devices are hard to spot but if you pay close attention you can tell when something isn’t right.

Anybody who has used the Bank of America ATM at the Shaw’s Plaza in Goffstown in the past month should request a new bank card.

“Look at the door before you put your card in. If it’s raised a little, it’s a skimmer,” Miliefsky said. “You have to be vigilant, look a little closer.”

Anyone with information regarding the skimming device has been asked to contact police.  An investigation is underway.


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