‘Creepy’ stalker planted tracker on ex’s car and made ‘acid’ searches online | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

A “creepy” stalker planted a tracker on his ex’s car and made searches about “using acid”. Neil Griffiths left his former partner Phillipa Davies mentally exhausted and constantly looking over her shoulder during the months-long campaign of stalking.

Mold Crown Court heard Griffiths, of Broxton Road in Wrexham, began the campaign following the breakdown of their relationship. The 44-year-old was found guilty after a trial in Wrexham Magistrates Court of stalking involving serious alarm/distress.

Prosecutor Karl Scholz said the pair were once schoolmates before they reconnected decades later when they both worked for the same company. Their relationship began in May 2022 before Ms Davies chose to end things in August and thought the best way forward was to cut all future contact.

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In mid-September, the prosecutor said Ms Davies said she was frightened by her ex appearing from behind a bush at around 6am as she was heading to her car. Griffiths said he only came to her street to wish her a good day but she believed his actions were “really creepy”.

That same day, Ms Davies went to a concert in Manchester and had gone to a pub for a drink. Griffiths messaged her a photo of the pub she was in and commented how the music act “was not great”.

The court heard how he also tried talking to her at the pub and, at one point, even picked up on the fact she seemed “very uncomfortable” with him. Ms Davies’ ordeal wasn’t over that night as she found the 44-year-old had raced back to Wrexham before her and was sat waiting on her doorstep claiming he “needed to talk” about their relationship.

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